Realist LAB


Realist Lab is a revolutionary initiative that reimagines outdated business paradigms and utilizes innovation to aid in our mission to build a more equitable future.

Realist Lab was created as a result of years of experience working with bleeding edge technology, groundbreaking business models, accumulated data points, and an empathy-driven approach to help founders as venture capitalists. 

Our unique vision for the future of business leverages the untapped potential of a more inclusive business environment, transforming the startup landscape, reinvigorating local economic markets, and positively impacting society as a whole.

Realist Lab Venture Launch Fellows Program

The Realist Lab Venture Launch Fellows Program is a radical part-time fellowship program with a mission to transform the startup landscape in Connecticut by supporting a founder’s holistic needs and eliminating the traditional barriers that prevent underrepresented founders from successfully launching and scaling their companies.

We will start accepting applications for the Venture Launch Fellows Program soon.

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