Realist Lab’s aspire Program gives Tech-enabled, Early-Stage startups the foundation they need to take their business to the next level!


A 12-week, part-time program broken up into two phases that gives founders access to funding, mentorship, and invaluable resources.

Phase II

Building the initial minimum viable product (MVP). Selected entrepreneurs receive support from our software engineers, marketers, and legal teams to prepare for capital raise activities.

Phase I

Entrepreneurs will focus on daily operations while participating in weekly sessions that cover essential topics such as business fundamentals, market research, startup leadership, and financial preparation. At the end of Phase 01, fellows have the opportunity to showcase their companies in a Founder Demo Day.


This program will give founders the footing they need to:

Comprehensive Support

Founders receive comprehensive support, including funding, mentorship, and invaluable resources, to turn their vision into a reality.

Essentials for Success

Through a 12-week journey, entrepreneurs gain essential knowledge and skills in business fundamentals, market research, startup leadership, and financial preparation.

Networking Opportunities

Participants have the chance to expand their network and showcase their companies to investors and target market buyers during Founder Demo Day.

Co-founder as a Service

Selected entrepreneurs receive support beyond funding, with assistance in building their initial minimum viable product (MVP) from software engineers, marketers, and legal teams.

who's eligible?

Entrepreneurs of color and women are highly encouraged to apply though everyone is welcome to apply for our program.

Applicants will be eligible for this program if their business is:

1. Registered and based in the state of CT

2. Independently owned and operated and not a franchise location

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